Social media

Photos: If you want to upload a photo of yourself, think about the kind of photo that would be most appropriate. Don’t upload any photos that you might later feel ashamed about before your parents, for example. Also, don’t upload any photos of other people without first asking their permission. Remember that people can always copy photos, and you never know where they might end up.

Profiles: When you fill in a profile, keep it brief. Never give out any personal details – they could be misused.

Comments: Don’t reply to unpleasant or inappropriate comments. Think about what you’re saying when you’re chatting with friends. Remember that lots of different people can read what you’re writing.

Friends: Only add people to Friends lists who you actually know. It’s not important how many friends you have online – what’s important is how many of them are actually true friends.

Posts: Think twice before you post anything! Remember that the Internet is open to everyone, which means anyone can read what you post.

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