Internet tips

Be discreet!

Give out as little information about yourself as possible online. More than anything, never give out your passwords.

Get smart!

Remember that not everything you read online is true. Check a number of different sources for the same information, or ask your parents or teacher for advice.

Stay sharp!

Reading e-mails and messages from people you don’t know or opening attachments they’ve sent you (documents, pictures and videos) could be dangerous – they may contain viruses, be illegal or contain content which is inappropriate for someone your age.

Think twice!

People don’t always turn out to be the way they seem online. Meeting someone in real life who you only know over the Internet is something you have to think about carefully – and something you should only do with your parents’ consent, and taking a friend with you. Choose somewhere public to meet.

Speak out!

If you feel uncomfortable about something you’ve seen or heard on the Internet, don’t bottle it up – tell someone you trust about it.

You can also get help from

the 116 111 children’s help line or via website   and via e-mail